Q. Why do you have a minimum budget requirement?

A. Great question! We take pride in our work, paying our freelancers, the blooms that we source, and the vessels that we use. With that being said, all of these different amazing elements require funds and rather than booking x8 weddings in one weekend to make ends meet on our side, we set a minimum that not only pays the bills for us, but ensures you have the best design and blooms possible for your big day. Our minimum may be too "expensive" for you, but remember what may be crazy to you may be feasible for someone else, and that is completely okay! If this is the case for you, we would be happy to recommend you to some other great florists in town.


Q. Do you have inventory 

A. Yes. We have a collection of vases, vessels, compotes, votive candles, pillar candles, all sorts of candles galore, and more! These are details we are happy to talk about once we have our initial first meeting after you have secured your wedding date with us.


Q. do you travel for weddings?

A. Yes we do! Keep in mind, we will only be accepting 15 weddings per year beginning of 2019, so if you are hoping to secure us for your wedding date (FL or not FL), we would advise that you reach out sooner rather than later!


Q. how many people are on your team?

A. We are crazy blessed to be in a town that is filled with talented florists and artist. With that being said, we hire freelancers for each wedding event. Depending on the intensity of your wedding florals, this will depend how many freelancers we hire for the wedding prep and execution. 


Q. DO you require a down deposit?

A. Yes we do. We require a 50% down deposit and a signed contract upfront to secure your wedding date. If we were to indefinitely hold wedding dates, we would taking a very large risk and to be honest, my family and I like eating way too much to take that chance.


Q. i love your work but i don't think i need as much as your budget requirement costs!

A. I totally hear you! If you have an intimate wedding (50 guest count and under), we are completely happy to discuss the needs of your wedding and work something out that is fesable for your floral budget.