Marble + Pine

The saying, "when one door closes, another door opens" has never been so accurate in our lives until this point in time.

As most know, Marble + Pine is a team effort between myself and my husband, Parker. Ever since I started my career in the wedding industry, Parker has made himself available to me no matter what. Through this entire time, Parker has had a consistent 9-5 desk job, and even though he committed himself 100% to his full time job, he also committed himself 100% to Marble + Pine, which has been such a blessing to me and I will be forever grateful for the hardworking husband I have. 

What most don't know is that Parker also has goals and dreams of his own. While he loves Marble + Pine and my dreams with this company, he has his separate dreams for himself too. Within the past couple of weeks, Parker was offered his dream job. I mean, the kind of opportunity you just don't get offered every day. And while Parker has put his dreams on hold (and very willingly he has done this for me) while I pursued mine, it is time for me to do the same for him, to let him finally chase after what his heart has been begging him to do. 

With this being said, Parker will be walking through this door that has been opened for him, while I close a door on something myself, the Flower Shop.

Marble + Pine Flower Shop is a dream of mine that I will not let go of, but must put on hold. With Parker's new job, we are unable to balance the Flower Shop, weddings, and his new job all together at this very time. Marble + Pine Flower Shop was a dream that I had before we even moved back to Florida. I have poured out so much faith, sweat, and tears into the shop and yes it is sad to close this door so shortly after opening. It is extremely hard and I will not bore you with all of the emotions that we have felt coming to this decision, but we know that this is what is best for us and for Marble + Pine in the long run.

Am I bitter about having to put my flower shop dreams on hold? Absolutely not, because my husband and I work as a team and he has been supporting me since day one, and it is time for me to support him while he runs head first after his dreams. 

While we will be closing the doors to our flower shop, we will NOT stop booking weddings. All of my efforts will yet again, just be strictly focused on weddings rather than small orders, walk in clients, holiday orders, etc. etc.. Weddings always have been and will still continue to be our top priority and we are so thankful for each and every Bride + Groom that continue to put their faith in us to create something special for their wedding day. 

I know this is some hard news to hear and it breaks my heart to even have to share it. Please know this is one of the hardest decisions we have had to make. But at the end of the day, I know that most of you will have grace for us and our decision and we thank you for your continued support.

Thank you for hearing my heart, thank you for supporting us, thank you for believing in what Marble + Pine has to offer to the Jacksonville Community. We love you all and we just can't say thank you enough.